EasySendy Pro Email Marketing Features

EasySendy Pro enables your business with easy to use email marketing features.

Practice and Measure Best Email Marketing Activities

EasySendy Dashboard has an overall application detail, which includes email campaigns, email lists, segments and details about email templates. It also shows recent activities by the email subscribers.

  • Image to Text Ratio is the key to email marketing success.
  • Optimize Image to Text Ratio to approximately 40:60 & deliver emails to subscriber inbox.
  • Use only 1 small image and 2-3 hyperlinks inside email content body, deliver email campaigns direct to inbox.
  • Keep you email body content simple and personal to improve email open rate.
email marketing campaign dashboard

View Recently Sent Campaigns

Easily view report of recently sent email campaign from EasySendy Pro Email Dashboard.

View Recent Activity from Email Dashboard

Easily view recent activities of subscribers and email campaigns from EasySendy Pro Email Dashboard.

Create Lists with Searchable Custom Fields

Import your customer emails along with custom fields, apart from name and email, you can define custom fields with tags of your choice. Not only this, all the custom fields are easily searchable from email list management dashboard.

Create and Embed Email List Forms

Create Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms for separate email lists easily and embed it on your website or blog. You can also use iframe version code on your website and grow email list automatically.

Single/Double Opt-in/Opt-out for Email Lists

According to the email subscription requirements, collect emails from different sources, based on single opt-in or double opt-in. For email unsubscription, create single opt-out or double opt-out.

Subscribers List Reports

Get realtime report about your email subscribers, with stats on Subscribers growth, Campaigns growth, Unsubscribe growth.

100% Customizable Email List Pages

Easily customize each email list Subscribe form, Pending subscribe, Subscription confirmed, Update Profile, Unsubscribe form, Unsubscribe confirmation, Subscribe confirm email, Unsubscribe confirm email, Welcome email and more.

Design Email Template with Drag and Drop Editor

EasySendy Pro offer easy to use drag and drop email template editor to create email templates. These email templates are compatible on multiple devices and email clients.

With drag and drop editor, you can create email templates with existing email template blocks without any knowledge of writing code!

Drag-drop-editor in easysendy amazon ses

Upload Existing Email Template

Inside EasySendy Pro Email Campaign builder, you can easily upload existing / pre-build email template within few clicks from .zip file.

Import Email Template from URL

Inside EasySendy Pro Email Campaign builder, you can easily import existing / pre-build email template from .html file.

Select Template from Existing Template Gallery

EasySendy Pro had wide collection of email templates for various business. You can easily select the template, modify and send the them in email campaign.

Create Plain Text Email Template with Existing CKEditor

Create Plain Text Email Templates with CKEditor and format the template according to campaign requirement.

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Create Email Campaigns for Your Requirement

Create Regular & Advance Email Campaigns

Building and delivering an email campaign is the core of email marketing application.
With EasySendy Pro you can create Autoresponder sequences, Date Based campaigns, Plain Text and RSS Feed email campaigns.
Once you have created these email campaigns, you can deliver them through one or more cloud SMTP relays.

Autoresponder Email Campaign

Setup an email autoresponder sequence and design a set of email campaigns, based on email list opt-in and start sending email sequence automatically. For each email subscriber measure the effectiveness of the email campaign.

Event Based Email Campaign

Create Event Based email campaigns and deliver email to your subscribers on their important dates like Anniversary, Birthday and so on.

Plain Text Email Campaign

Plain text email campaigns have highest email delivery to inbox. Subscribers also like to engage more with plain text emails. With EasySendy Pro you can easily build Plain Text email campaigns.

RSS Feed Email Campaign

Use your website or blog RSS / JSON feeds in your email template and schedule the automated email campaign easily. According to your need, enable URL Tracking, Json Feed, XML Feed in your email template.

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Deliver & Route Email Campaigns through SMTP Delivery Servers

Add favorite email delivery server from your end to EasySendy Pro and deliver email campaigns as per your requirement. Optimize the delivery of emails through wide range of options.
Add cloud SMTP servers from Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail, MailerQ.

Deliver Emails from Different IP Addresses

Each SMTP delivery service provider has different IP pools to deliver email campaigns. Having this ability enables you to improve email delivery through different IP Pools.

Switch IP Pool and Improve Email Delivery

Email campaign delivery to the subscriber mailbox depends on the kind of IP Pool used to deliver emails. Switching SMTP delivery servers give ability to switch IP Pools, this gives opportunity to improve email open rate.

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