EasySendy Pro Enterprise Whitelabel Solution

Use EasySendy Pro Enterprise whitelabel solution for your own business!

Setup your own company custom domain

Setup and configure EasySendy Pro software on your own business domain name.

Rebrand under your corporate identity

Add your own brand identity inside the EasySendy Pro enterprise whitelabel solution.

Easy Email Campaign Sending

With EasySendy Pro you can easily create and send your email campaigns, through multiple cloud SMTP Relay Service Providers and Aritic Mail dedicated IP pool in just a few easy steps.

Reliable Email Deliveries

EasySendy Pro implements industry best email marketing practices, standards and send emails through your selected cloud SMTP relay service provider gateway.

Separate Database for Each Enterprise Version

EasySendy Pro Enterprise Whitelabel customer get completely separate database from other customers of EasySendy Pro.

Trusted and Secure Server

EasySendy Pro Enterprise Whitelabel solution is deployed on highly secure and trusted PCI compliant servers.

Regular Backup

Backup of EasySendy Pro Enterprise Whitelabel servers are taken regularly and stored safely.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

EasySendy Pro Enterprise Whitelabel Hosted Servers have 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Whitelabel Managed Support

Get help on any issue with email deliveries from EasySendy Pro Enterprise Agency Plan Support Team.

Exceptional Customer Service

Yes EasySendy Pro Enterprise Agency Plan Support Team is obsessive about customer happiness.

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